Why Soldiers Allegedly Invaded Bar, Shot Man Dead In Rivers State- photos


A 31-year old man has been shot dead by men attached to the 130 Battalion Nigerian Army in Abonnema, Rivers state on Friday night.

The deceaded who is known as Mr Sepribo Black-Duke went out yesterday to enjoy his evening just like every other free citizen before he was allegedly shot dead by men of the Nigerian Army.

According to reports Late Mr Sepribo Black-Duke sat in a drinking bar located at Briggs Compound, Abonnema alongside a few other friends when the men of Nigerian Army allegedly unleashed their terror and began to brutalise everyone in the bar.

The army allegedly brutalised and tortured the innocent citizens, beat and injured Sepribo until he could no longer bear the pains and took to his heels, then soldiers allegedly shot him but yet he still continued running until he fell.

Reports stated with his body down, bleeding from belly, the military men walked down to Mr Sepribo and shot at him the 3rd time and was left there wriggling and bled profusely until he died.

Mr Sepribo Black-Duke was an executive member of PDP and was the Vice Chairman of the Party in ward 3 Akulga. He was also a vibrant member of Abonnema Youth Organization (A.Y.O).

The family of the deceased together with the Chairman of Akuku-Toru Local Government Area have met with the Police D.P.O. in Abonnema to make a formal report of the gruesome murder of Mr Sepribo Black-Duke by the Nigerian military men.


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