See How Ex-Armed Robber Turned Pastor After Being Sentenced To Die By Hanging


Apata Emmanuel shares testimony of how a former notorious armed robber has changed his bad ways and become a pastor after escaping death execution in prison despite being condemned to die.

A colleague (Apata Emmanuel) who shared a story of the ex-convict identified as pastor Juda Author, revealed that he (Juda Author) spent many years in prison and saw many executions after being sentenced to die by hanging.

It was revealed that on the day of the Juda’s execution, he was called into the room to be hanged but something miraculous happened and the execution didn’t take place again. He was taken back to his cell.

According to Emmanuel, his friend later decided to change his ways and turn a new leaf in the prison after escaping the execution.

He was later released through the help of Amnesty International after spending over 20 years in jail.

Now, not only is the ex-convict a pastor, but he’s also a motivational speaker who goes around sharing his life story. He has also written a book titled ‘I Refuse To Die’.


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