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Hello guys, dietfitelt blog is here again with a new article, but today’s article we are going to be talking about fitness.
I know some of you guys love keeping fit but due to one or two challenges you couldn’t.
So today we are going to be talking about growing a big chest without gym equipments.
Do you want to grow a big chest, then be patient and keep reading.
Alot of you guys out there might not have access to the gym or some gym equipment you can use to train at home to keep fit, so I decided to make an article first on how you can get started on how to build a big chest without gym equipments.
So to get started, we are going to talk about push up or press up.
Now push up is a great way to build a big chest without any gym equipments.
When I first started bodybuilding, I started with push up. I pushed up for like straight 4 years. I built a big chest with it, with contraction and everything. Also got to notice that while you push up, your back, shoulder and arms are engaged and are built as well but the pump and contraction goes more to the chest.
With that been said let me list out the different kinds of push up I did which I don’t really know there name but as I explain further you will get to know how the move goes.
Now the normal push ups
The normal push up is the type mostly every guy does. This push up is performed by just placing your hands on the floor below your chest, which should be 2 inch apart.
Your hands should be 2inch apart, spacing out your fingers for your arms to be stable when pushing up,then keep your legs together and straight as possible.
When you are all set in this position,then go down and then push up.
I tend to go fast or slow when doing this type of push up.
When going fast, I don’t really or fully squeeze the chest, I just go fast to get that pump on the chest asap which builds the chest, then when going slow I tend to squeeze the chest fully. For example:
When in the push up position, I go down slowly and then push(boom) hard to the top,squeezing the chest hard. I tend to go 3set X 30 reps.
So if you know how many reps you can go just go 3set and then how many reps you are ok with.
Next is diamond push ups.
Here you will have to keep your fingers all locked in, in a diamond/triangle shape.
This push up in particular, pumps the chest hard but does engage the triceps a bit.
So this is how you go about it.
Get into the push up position, keep your hands in a diamond/triangle form,then go about your push up.
It just the same with the normal push up, is just that in bodybuilding, things has to be switched up a times as a particular muscle might become stubborn to a particular workout and the move that comes with it, so always try out something new and shock that muscle.
I go 3set X 20reps on this.
Next is the decline military push up
The decline military push up is done with your feet resting above something then your hands on the floor.
So get a chair, get in the press up position, place your foot on the chair and your hands on the floor and push up.
This hits the upper chest more.
The upper chest makes your chest look more defined. When the upper chest is lagging, the chest tends to look slappy and I bet you don’t want your chest to look like that, so include the decline push up in your push up workout
I go 3set X 15reps on this
Lastly is incline push up
Here the object you are going to use won’t be that high as it was in the decline push up.
I tend to use two big dictionary of the same height,place 2 inch apart, placeBigh your hands on top of the dictionary, keep your legs straight and then push up.
This push up in particular, I find very effective as when doing it, it tend to make my chest muscle sore which will eventually grow.
So if you have any object of the same height and of the same height of the dictionary, then make use of it.I go 2 set X 15 reps.


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