Popular Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji is pregnant


The about to be mum took to her blog to share photos of her baby bump,Some hours ago.

Linda Ikeji who recently got engaged also shared the story of how she found out about her pregnancy and how she reacted to the good news.
The blogger revealed that she was so excited to be pregnant. She also revealed that she has always loved babies.
According to her, she was a resident babysitter when she was a teenager. She stated that her love for babies was a gift she inherited from her father who also loves babies.

She said on her Instagram page. “2018 started with me finding out I was pregnant. When I missed my period and my friend and I did a home pregnancy test and it read positive, my friend began to cry with happiness but I was just there staring at the stick like, you’re not messing with me, are you? This is real and not a joke on me, right? I refused to believe it and asked my friend to drive me to a lab for another test. And there it was confirmed, I was pregnant. Me, Linda, I am going to have my own child. Please don’t wake me up from this lovely dream..lol

So many women have had children, so what’s the big deal, huh? Lol. Well, you see me, I’m somewhat of a different case. There’s something about me that I have never talked about publicly before and that’s the fact that I love children so much (I took that from my dad), and I am particularly obsessed with babies, and I mean that literally. Their pureness, innocence, little beautiful faces, tiny hands and soft cheeks make me just want to be around them.
I grew up in a compound with a lot of neighbours and believe it or not, as a teenager/young woman, I was the unofficial resident babysitter. I swear, ask my siblings. I literally carried all the new born babies born in that compound at a period of time until they grew up to a certain age. Their mums used to come drop the babies at our house whenever they were tired or wanted to go out, this was, of course, to the annoyance of my family…lol.”

  1. Linda Ikeji reveals baby bump photos Photo source: Linda Ikeji’s blog.

“Linda also revealed on her blog saying she would be having a bouncing baby boy. In her post, she stated that she has already started ordering baby things for him.
Sometimes when I’m lying down and I feel him moving around inside me (he’s so hyper already, constantly moving around…lol), I just get up and cradle my tummy and smile. Lol. I can’t wait for these months to go by so I can meet him. My own son!
Dear son, of every dream I have had, every achievement, every milestone, out of all my accomplishments and titles, all the money and worldly possession I have, nothing compares to you. You are my greatest blessing, my gift from heaven, my greatest dream realized. I love you more than life itself and I can’t wait to meet you and give you so many kisses. And of course, spoil you! You will hear ‘I love you’ loud and clear so many times, you will beg me to stop. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. .
I know I’m going to be the best mum ever! I was born for this and I am finally ready! And now I want to do more, achieve more, so lil man will be proud of his mama.”

A month ago, It was reported that Linda Ikeji had gotten engaged to a man she used to date. He had reportedly relocated abroad, but the two reconnected when he finally came back to Nigeria.



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