Jose Mourinho’s criticism is always justified


MU Live user John Brooker rates the way Jose Mourinho behaves himself by clearly showing who the authority is at England’s biggest club
Why does Jose criticize his players?
”Jose wants strong characters who can handle the pressure of the top leagues. The players he wants can handle his strong words and criticism just as they can enjoy his praise. Some are big-time top-shelf players born for the biggest stage who not only handle the pressure of big clubs and the spotlight and the media pressure and the expectation of performance week in week out. And some can’t. The sooner the coach identifies which is which, the quicker he can form his first 11 and let go those who don’t stand up.”
Take Mkhitaryan
”A fine player with great skills. Who could not handle the pressure of not only the EPL but of the huge club called Manchester United. Jose bought this player. He gave him game time, coaching, criticism, praised him on occasion…but unfortunately, this level of play is not made for Mkhi. So Jose had to let him go.
”He traded him for a player born for the big stage Alexis Sanchez. Not only does he train harder than most. He always gives 100 percent on the field and is passionate about winning trophies. He loves the big stage, rises to the big occasion and will serve Man United well. This is linked to Jose’s preference for current EPL players. That way he already knows they can cut it at this level. And have some mental strength.
”Hence he likes Matic, Lukaku, Rose, Alderweireld, Willian. He generally regards players in less intense leagues around the world as a risk. With exception of players from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona. But they don’t easily release players and generally match or beat what United can pay anyway.”
Cunning in a good way
”Jose is smart. He doesn’t always criticise players. Quite often he goes on about referees or the crowd or the other coach or what he had for breakfast. Quite often he deflects attention from the team or the performance and takes the heat himself. But hey let’s be honest. Usually, if he criticises a player, it is after several below par performances and he is probably bang on with his observations and has just said what we were all thinking.
[And] what do we like about Jose’s press conferences? In a world of dull, can’t say what I really think for fear of a fine, Jose’s media chats are never dull. Good on him.”
Who’s with John and who is not?



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