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How To Recharge and Monitor Your Electricity Prepaid Meter



There was a time when you can’t recharge your electric prepaid meter until you visit the PHCN office.

Now, just a few click online will get you all you want, from recharging it by yourself, to check your balance and everything else you might want to do concerning your prepaid meter, all you just have to need is an internet connected device, and everything will be done in the comfort of your home.

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In 2006, the PHCN introduced the Prepaid Meter method for accurate monitoring of the consumption of electricity and through an 11-digit codes, each Prepaid Meter can easily be identified, recharged and get to be used.

This method has made everything more easier for electricity users as the Prepaid Meter can be easily accessed by buying energy from the distribution company, agents or online with your bank bank credit card.
How To Recharge The Prepaid Electricity Meter With Your Phone.

  • Visit the Power Holding Company official website at to get started
  • Search for your state code for the distribution company electricity provider. Eg. Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.
  • Fill in your prepaid meter details on your state’s portal, including your name, location, meter name, and all the required data.
  • Select an internet payment method and fill in your details to pay as well.
  • You would have received and OTP, input the OTP sent to your phone number to complete the payment.

How To Recharge Your Prepaid Meter Through Bank Mobil App.

Hopefully, you know the code or 11-digits number of your Prepaid Meter, with many bank mobile apps, you can easily recharge your Prepaid Electricity Meter online, it won’t take you much than to follow these few steps below.

  • Turn on your internet connection and open your bank mobile app.
  • Scroll down to “Pay Electricity Bill”(your bank app might use another words) option an click on it.
  • Among the under listed distribution company names, select yours.
  • Input your Prepaid Meter 11-digits numbers followed by the amount you want to buy.
  • Confirm the transaction by filling in your transaction secret pin.
  • The recharge pin will be sent to your phone number for use once the transaction is successful.

How To Recharge The Prepaid Electricity Meter With Recharge Pin.

After buying Prepaid Meter recharge pin online, you need to recharge the Prepaid Meter before it could display the amount of energy you purchased.

  • If the battery is off, connect the Prepaid Meter Customer Interface Unit(ICU) to a socket for power.
  • Type in the pin you have bought online correctly and click on “recharge”.
  • The unit assigned to the amount you purchased will be credited immediately.

NB: Make sure that your CIU is not connected to a generator while loading, make sure it is connected to electricity as you recharge.

How To Check Your Prepaid Meter Balance

At this point, you must have covered different ways of recharging your Prepaid Meter with your phone at the comfort of your home, now let us look at how to check the Prepaid Meter balance in other to be sure you did it right and confirm if it’s successful.

This is a very easy thing to do and seamless at same time, go to your Prepaid Meter and press 07, and then press then “enter” button which is blue in color, it is automatically going to show you the remaining balance on your Prepaid Meter’s screen. Eg. 203.61.

With the well and simple directions listed above, recharging your Prepaid Electricity Meter with your phone would never be difficult for you anymore.