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How to Make Money Through Your WhatsApp Status 2022



A few years back, Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta CEO, bought WhatsApp, and WhatsApp has kept increasing to about a billion daily users.

Most of its users engage in entertaining their status viewers, communicating with family, friends, business associates and every other type of organisations for different reasons.

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Since then, WhatsApp has been making the app better with good features that help build businesses, better user experiences, fun, and better innovations, but one of the best things is how people started making money on their WhatsApp, through their WhatsApp Status.

Have you ever since then think or see it as something you can start earning for yourself through it?

Let us look at it this way. We all know that every avenue that controls traffic automatically has a huge potential for generating income, and this is one of the reasons why bloggers would want to grow their audience, because the traffic comes with publicity and visibility, which, with solid content, equates to a money-making machine.

Making money through a WhatsApp statues may be a difficult thing to do from the beginning but if you can volunteer your time to it, building a large and solid audience(contacts) being consistent with a solid contents, the, you have nothing to fear about as you have conquered the fears of succeeding in doing a business on your WhatsApp status.

News Express Nigeria curated this article together to give you a clear roadmap and guidelines on how to make money from your WhatsApp status.

Below are the things that would make you succeed in earning through your WhatsApp status.

1.  Choosing your niche

This is the first and foremost thing to do before starting anything in life, yes, you read it right, you need to choose a niche for yourself, you might want to engage your status viewers through memes, inspirational talks, comedy skits, educational posts, or news, you need to narrow your focus so that you can gain the trust of your viewers as they would be rest assured of getting their satisfied content on your status.

You can find a niche for yourself by asking yourself a question(s) like, what do you talk about mostly? What can you discuss for an hour or more without falling off? What can you engage yourself in without getting tired?

2. Establishing It

While creating this WhatsApp status source of income, it is always advisable to get a a new phone number for it, you can keep your private number safe from all the attitudes you are going to be getting from messages and status updates from your contacts when they start relying on you.

You don’t need to delete your current WhatsApp. You can download WhatsApp for Business from the Google Play store for Android users or from App store for IOS users, register your new business phone number on the WhatsApp from Business.

You are sure going to start getting so many contacts from your phone, make sure you start saving the new contacts so that they can be able to be seeing your WhatsApp status.

3. Classify Your Brand

This time, you need to think and sort out a great and catchy name for your brand, a name that will also match the niche you chose for yourself; and the name mustn’t be violating or infringing on anyone’s copyrights. (check your name on
The next thing is creating a logo for your brand, a logo to stamp the identity of your brand. Always have it at the back of your mind that your viewers are visual beings, so, note that your viewers will respond if your images and videos are visually appealing. You should also have a logo that is designed with the color you would want to choose for your brand, logo is important this time because it will be used as your profile picture and it is going to make your brand outstanding and can easily be spotted whenever your viewers see it.

4. Public Visibility

This time you must have decided which path you want to dive into, established your brand and must have classified your brand. If there is one thing about this WhatsApp status business that never comes to an end, and that is saving contacts, as long as you are into this business, you have to keep getting new contacts and saving them in order to be growing your status viewers.
Then, you have to start creating awareness so that there can be more visibility of your brand outside your WhatsApp contacts alone and this would make people to pay you to place an ads on your WhatsApp status.
Try creating a broadcast message, including your phone number or WhatsApp link in the format, and encourage them to click the link, send you their names. so you can save their numbers. Eg. That link sends: Hello, I want to be a part of the Family

Notice that the link contains mainly your channel’s phone number beginning with 234 and the text – “Hello, I want… ” The text is normal, as it’s not a big deal to create. It’s just that you want to substitute any space with the ’+’ sign.
You could tweak that link to say anything you want your viewers to see. Play around with your link, but be careful as you want to check if it works. Be sure you have a working link before you start to share it. This also helps if you want to use your personal WhatsApp to start your channel. It helps filter messages from viewers’ personal messages.

5. Consistency

Being consistency has been one of the major rule to a successful business and skill, for you thrive in this WhatsApp status business, you must be consistent, you must post regularly, whatever the niche you picked, make you posts your contents regularly and don’t forget to always have your logo on your contents. Having your logo on your contents is also a way of advertising yourself, your contacts might want to repost your contents and others would see your content and your logo on it, your logo is also advise to have your mobile number on it, this will make viewers from your contacts who repost would want to add you in other to be viewing your status also.

6. Engaging Your Viewers

As you consistently post, don’t forget to always try to make your viewers engage in your posts, make it easier for them to relate with it and doing giveaways on your status I another way to keep them glued to your status, if you can’t sponsor a giveaway, you can still come up wit activities which your viewers can participate in and don’t forget to make it fun. the whole thing is to get the attention of your viewers and to earn their trust.

7. Monitising

Another relevant part and inevitable of this business is “monitising your WhatsApp”. The three ways you could monitise your WhatsApp are listed are.

  • Advertising

After gaining people’s trust and make them stayed glued to your status, you can start advertising for other people’s products, this always make the customer who want to place an ads on your status to request for the numbers of viewers you do have on your status, you have to prove to them that you are having more than 1000 viewers with a screenshot for proof as well.

  •  Affiliate Marketing

You can sell other people’s product on your status and make money through it, this doesn’t even need you to prove the numbers of people you have viewing your status, you just need to write something that will gain the attention of your viewers.

  • Selling Your Own Products

Selling your own products is another best thing to do in other to make money from your WhatsApp Status, you could make a lot of money by selling your own products on your status.


Don’t make your focus on creating “WhatsApp Status Business” to be only on money, if the niche you chose is memes, funny skits, or inspirational quotes, make sure that are you are best at it, with this, you can get the attentions of your viewers and everything you posts on your status for sale will automatically sold out.