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How To Find Out If Your iPhone Is Original or Fake



It is very important to know the quick tips to on how to know if your new iPhone is original or fake, here are quick ways to spot if your iPhone is a counterfeit (fake).

Important Things To Know;


Checking The iTunes And App Store

Here is the biggest difference between real and fake iPhone. Mostly, fake iPhones are running off Android because their interface skin can be adjust. Android devices DO NOT have an iTunes or App store, they rather have Play Store. If you click these apps (iTunes and App Store) on Android, it will automatically redirect you to another app or go to a google play store. If the next step from this apps after opening them does anything aside from directing you the expected apple stores, then, just know that what you are holding in your hand is a fake iPhone.

Checking the IMEI number

Every iPhone models out there must have an IMEI number to confirm that it is original, and that is thing to do when tryin to check if your iPhone is real or fake. In other to see the IMEI number, you have to go to the Settings, go to general, click on About, scroll down to see the IMEI number. If there’s no IMEI or serial number, that simply mean that phone you are about to buy is fake model of the iPhone.

Check The Operating System

iPhones are ran on iOS, which is very different from the system Android operates on. iOS is way more different from Android, in terms of general look, feel, and operates. go straight to the Settings in the menu and go to the software tab to check the operating system that the iPhone is running on. lots of native apps like Safari, Health, iTunes Store, Watch, iMovies, etc., are powered by iOS

Check Physical Appearance Carefully


Fake iPhones are often build cheaper and little bit different type of designs from the original model.
At this time, checking the physical appearance of the iPhone you are about to acquire carefully is very important. You start your checkings from its notch to the frames, and the camera module must be checked carefully. The latest iPhone models are all made of metal and glass, which automatically gives a premium experience. and as well, on the bottom, check for the lightning connector since iPhones do not come with USB Type C port like most Android phones these days.

Checking The Settings

In other to figure out if your iPhone is real or counterfeit(fake), checking the settings properly is another thing that s very important. Checking out the software details, IMEI number, its storage capacity, and more. If possible, you can take your iPhone model to the Apple store near you for a quick check to be on the safer side.

Checking Penta Lobe Screws

Close to the charging port, there is a visible common screws used in all the iPhone products, these screws are called Penta lobe screws, they have 5 screw head points, if you pay attention to such a small element, fake iPhones have normal cross screws which can be a dead giveaway without wasting much of your time.

Now, think about ordering a brand new iPhone 14 from an online stores and you end up getting a fake one, that is really heartbreaking, yes, I know right, anyways, this is not negligible, this is an incident that hapens very often some times ago, the craziest thing is that it is almost impossible to spot the different between an original iPhone and the fake iPhone, but with this steps mentioned above, carefulness in observing and getting your iPhone from a trusted online vendors will save you more.