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John: bby am gonna tell u a story
with 4 parts. Remember that, 4 parts
Grace: alryt love
John: okay am gonna start wth part 1.
There was a husband n a wife, they
were driving to a camp site wen they
came upon a split road. The husband
says “lets take the left one. The wife
say i thnk we shuld take the right
road.” The husband slaps the wife
across the face “whose driving me or
u?” and they took the left path.
Grace: hahahahaha..
John: now am gonna tell u part 2.
Once they got to the camp the
husband goes fishing so his wife can
cook dinner. He comes back and the
wife says “good now i can cook fish
soup for us to eat.” The husband says
“but i wanna eat fried fish.” The wife
slaps the husband n says “who is
cooking me or u?” and the ended up
drinking fish soup.
Grace: oh crap! Hahaha
John: now am gonna tell u part 4.
Grace: wat abt part 3?
John: (landed grace a hot slap on the
face) who is telling the story me or you?


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