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Easiest Way To Get Nigerian International Passport Online



How to get Nigerian International Passport online has become an everyday question among the Nigerian citizens.

International Passport is a document you must need for traveling out of the country and can still be used as an official means of identification.

With the new means of online registration, it has become a lot easier for Nigerians as everyone can just log into the official website, fill the form, do the necessary things and get it after some few working days.

There Are Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Applying For International Passport.
The passport usually come pages(32 and 64) and by types (standard official) Those who don’t travel often are expected to use the 32 pages while those who travels often uses the latter.

Below Are The Requirements To Get An International Passport.

There are some specific documents that you must provide as you apply for your international passport, and note that these documents are for both online and offline applicants.

Requirements For Standard Passport.

  • Proof of identity for your local government.
  • Birth certificate(can get that from court).
  • A pair of recent passport-sized photographs
  • A formal oath taken by a guarantor in the presence of a commissioner of oaths.
  • Student below 18 years old must provide a letter of permission signed by their parents.
  • Marriage certificate(if married)

Requirements For Official Passport

  • A letter of introduction from the relevant State Government, Federal Government Ministry.
  • Marriage certificate (If relevant).
  • A copy of police report(If your passport was lost or stolen).
  • A copy of appointment letter from your latest employer.

Step-by-step guide on how apply for Nigerian International Passport

After completing the online registration, there is a need for you to visit the immigration office for capturing a pick up of your passport in your area.
Please, carefully follow the guides below for proper application of your Nigeria international passport.
To get into the Immigration website online, ( and this is the only official recognised website for registration.

  • Passport Type: choose between the “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport” and click on “Start Application”.
  • Select Area Where You Are Processing From: This will be where to collect your passport booklet when ready.
  • Fill The Application Form: Click on the box that asks “IF You Accept The Terms And Conditions” and click on the PRINT” button to print a copy of the application form.
  • Uploading Documents: You are expected to upload the scanned copies of your documents in a PDF file format.
  • Payments: Choose the currency of you want to pay with, by clicking on “Pay In Naira” button, click on the “Submit” button after making a payment.
  • Identification Number: Your application is expected to have been assigned to a unique identifier and a reference number, once gotten a “Validation Number” after making a payment, you can then verify everything on the NIS website.
  • Guarantor Form: After printing, obtain a notarized copy of the guarantor’s form. Please input your passport application ID and reference number, and then click submit to continue.
  • Biometrics and Capturing: You are expected to visit the authorised immigration office after submitting your online application for your capturing and to take your biometrics.

After an online application, how long does it take to get a Nigerian international passport?

After submitting your biometrics date and capturing, the process is expected to take at least 48 hours and you should apply well
in advance as due to uncertainties and unforeseen errors, the process could take up to one month, you are advised to apply at least few months before your departure date from Nigeria.

If you follow this step-by-step procedure carefully as directed, you are expected not to have any obstacles as you filled for your Nigerian international passport applications online.