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Best Apps To Watch 2022 World Cup, Live Football | And Download Videos



Sports fans are often curious to follow live games to see how their favorite team is doing on the field.

They need constant updates and the most recent information regarding sports results. You can now easily take advantage of all these amenities on your convenient smartphone screen if you live in a technologically advanced planet. Below are some the best of sports streaming streaming apps, suitable on your iOS and Android devices.


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News Express Nigeria brings to you the best iOS and Android streaming mobile apps, suitable for watching soccer and other sport activities from your phone and be able to download the videos.

The most popular sport that is loved by most of the people is definitely football, and the love of it in Nigeria makes Nigerians even visit the viewing centers and pay in order to have access in viewing a particular match. this has really been confirmed at several times, most even went as far as being a fan of a football team and would stay loyal to that team for the rest of their lives, no matter how under performing that team is, only 2 out of ten would say they don’t really love football.

Below is a list of the Best Football Streaming Apps for Android and iOS.


1. StarTimes ON

This particular app is owned by StarTimes, it allows you to stream tens of channels on your phone, including TV shows, football matches, dramas, kid shows, news, and documentaries, on both Android and iOS when you have a monthly, weekly, or daily subscription plan. On Android and iOS mobile devices, this app offers one of the best sports viewing experiences, from the Bundesliga to Ligue 1, UEFA, the English Premier League, La Liga, and so on.
Sometimes, you wouldn’t want to stream stream shows online with your mobile data, StartTimes ON gives you the access to download any video of your choice and watch offline later when you have the chance, this is just suitable for people who doesn’t have the chance to stream videos whenever they have an access to the internet, StarTimes On also available for Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa residents.


Today, sports really dominated a large size of the world, ESPN can be tagged one of the topmost mainstream for sport broadcasting, in the United State alone ESPN statistically rakes about 100 million viewers daily and other other countries with a a daily all time high. This app has an 24 hours interesting channels like ESPN Classic, ESPN and ESPN2, as the leading sports, ESPN is guaranteed to provide a reliable informative contents on sports news, events, analysis and so on widely. The ESPN app has iOS and Android versions for your devices, which can be streamed whenever you are connected to the internet.


Digital Satellite Television(DSTV), is a South Africa Multi-Choice owned Sub-Sahara African satellite service for a direct broadcast. DSTV streaming app is a smart and your easiest go-to best entertainment services a mobile whenever, DSTV app offers one of the best sports and entertainment viewing experiences from Movies, Drama, Documentaries, Sports from to Ligue 1, UEFA, English Premier League to Copa America and so on, you can also stream DSTV offline after downloading your preferred show with the internet. DSTV has a premium subscribers, this subscribers have an additional advantage of downloading about 20 videos to watch whenever they are offline on different types of devices, and another suitable feature on DSTV app is the parental control that protects the kids from seeing an adult contents and will only access it whenever you want them to, for safety use. works perfectly in every devices.

4. Mobdro

Mobdro works perfectly on iOS and Android, it is one if the best mobile streaming app that with quality contents from your favourite channels, from music, movie, football, cartoon, wrestling, adult contents, and so on. Another suitable thing about Mobdro is that it is a free app, you don’t need a to subscribe before streaming on Mobdro.

5. 365 Scores

365 Scores is an app that helps catch every goal within some minutes it’s actually scored, this app has a lot of contents working perfectly on it, it do not only give football contents, it also give you unbeatable quality contents on Tennis, Basketball, highlights from every sports event, 365 Scores is known for updating football news, analysis, fixtures and events systematically also gives you access to assemble all your most streamed channels together for a custom notification.

6. CBS Sports

This is another sweet and sophisticated app that allows you to stream live matches while getting football news and analysis as you stream. CBS Sports works perfectly on Android and iOS devices, and you can stream up to 8 channels on a single screen.


This app is strictly for iOS users, and we have created a comprehensive post on the top iOS apps to stream live football matches on iPhones. So you can check them out and enjoy them as Android users are enjoying.

Conclusion: There you have it, then. The best apps for watching free live football on your phone and computer have been listed. Football is strong, it has the enormous potential to sway crowds, and how could it be less so when you can watch it everywhere? Download the top apps right away to watch football games simply and for free online.