Shocker! Journalist Dies While Dancing At School Reunion In Edo


Edo-  Egbobawaye Eunice a journalist dies while dancing during St Maria Goretti Reunion Party in Edo State.

The shocking incident happened at the St Maria Goretti Reunion Party in Edo State on Friday July 12th when journalist, Osarugue Eunice Egbobawaye, who was at the school’s 60th anniversary party, slumped and died while dancing.

She was said to have been dancing in the school hall then slumped on a chair.

However after some minutes, people around her presumed it was tiredness while some noticed she was not moving nor responding to her name when she was called upon.

Doctors were alerted and checked her but no peripheral pulses were palpated.

She was then rushed to the hospital where she was certified dead on arrival.

Eunice was said to be life of the party as she was proudly showing off her dance moves.


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