Re: Facts, Benefits Of This ASUU Strike You Should Know


#WhyAsuuStrike?- For those who do not understand “Why ASUU is on strike”, below are some major facts and some benefits you must know. so read this and share widely…..

1. Less than 10% of the universities have Video Conferencing facility.

2. Less than 20% of the universities use Interactive Boards.

3. More than 50% don’t use Public Address System in their lecture OVERCROWDED rooms/theatres.

4. Internet Services are non-existent,or epileptic and slow IN 99% of Nigerian Universities.

5. Nigerian Universities Library resources are outdated and manually operated. Book shelves are homes to rats/cockroaches.

6.No university library in Nigeria is fully automated. Less than 35% are partially automated.

7. 701 Development projects in Nigerian universities 163 (23.3%) are abandoned 538 (76.7%) are PERPETUALLY on-going projects.

8. Some of the abandoned projects in Nigerian universities are over 15 years old, some are over 40 years old.

9. 76% of Nigerian universities use well as source of water, 45% use pit latrine, 67% of students use bush as toilet

10. 77% of Nigerian universities can be classified as “Glorified Primary Schools” Laboratories are non existing

11. 80% of Nigerian Universities are grossly under-staffed

12. 90% of Nigerian Universities are bottom-heavy (with junior lecturers forming large chunk of the workforce).

13. Only 2% of Nigerian Universities attract expatriate lecturers, over 80% of Ghanian Universities attract same

14. Nigerian Universities Instead of having 100% Academics having PhDs, only about 43% do so. The remaining 57% have no PhDs.

15. Nigerian University medical students trained in the most dangerous environment, some only see medical tools in books.

16. Only 7 Nigerian Universities have up to 60% of their teaching staff with PhD qualifications

17. There are universities in Nigeria which the total number of Professors is not more than Five (5)

18. MAKE-SHIFT LECTURING SYSTEM: Out of a total of 37,504 lecturers, only 28,128 (75%) are engaged on full-time basis.
35. 9,376 (25%) Nigerian Lecturers are recycled as Visiting, Adjunct, Sabbatical and Contract lecturers.

19. 700 EX-MILLITANTS in Nigeria are receiving more funds anualy than 20 Nigerian universities under ‘Amnesty Scam’.

20. 80% of published journals by Nigerian University lectures have no visibility in the international knowledge community.

21. No Nigerian academic is in the leag1ue of Nobel Laureates or a nominee of Nobel Prize.

22. There are only 2 registered patents owned by Nigerian Academics in the last 3 years.

23. Numerically more support staff in the services of Nigerian universities than the teaching staff they are meant to support.

24. More expenditure is incurred in administration & routine functions than in core academic matters in Nigerian Universities.

25. There are 77,511 full-time non-teaching staff in Nigeria’s public universities 2 Times number of academic staff.

26. Almost all the universities are over-staffed with non- teaching staff

27. Nigerian Uni Horrible hostel facilities, overcrowded, overstretched lavatory and laundry facilities, poor sanitation,etc.

28. Except Nigerian Defence Acadamy Kaduna, no university in Nigeria is able to accommodate more than 35% of its students.

29. Some universities students take their bath in d open because d bathrooms are in very poor condition.

30. Laundries and common rooms in many universities have been converted into rooms where students live, in open prison style.

31. In most improvised cage called hostels in Nigerian Universities, there is no limit to the number of occupants.

32. Most State universities charge commercial rates for unfit and unsuitable hostel accommodation.

33. In off-campus hostels, students are susceptible to extraneous influences and violence prostitution, rape, gang violence.

34. Nigerian University Students sitting on bare floor or peeping through windows to attend lectures.

35. Over 1000 students being packed in lecture halls meant for less than 150 students.

36. Over 400 Nigerian University students being packed in laboratory meant for 75 students.

37. University administrators Spend millions to erect super-gates when their Libraries are still at foundation level, Expend millions to purchase exotic vehicles for university officers even though they lack basic classroom furnishings.

38. Govt interested in spending money on creation of new uni instead of consolidating and expanding access to existing.

39. Keen to award new contracts rather than completing the abandoned projects or standardizing existing facilities.

40. Expend hundreds of millions paying visiting and part-time lecturers rather than recruiting full-time staff.

-Benefits Of ASUU Strike-

It is certain that this ASUU strike is a dream come true for some students. So the following are some categories of students who will benefit from the Strike:

1. Students with the Zeal of Skill Acquisition

In our world today, certifications would help you in diverse ways, but, having a skill that meets the demands of the world economy and the demands of people on daily basis would rather take you farther in your career. The world is ruled by people who armed themselves with skills that are invoked in this era. There are several skills that one could actually learn, depending on your interest. The IT world is becoming the new oil in our world today and it’s important that everyone should be equipped with basic IT skills; from graphic designs, coding, web-development, etc.
The fact is that there are so many skills for students to learn while undergoing their study in the University. This is the best time to acquire that skill you’ve always yearn for and not to stay at home being idle.

2. Internship Students

Granted, degree certification is what every Nigerian student gets at the end of the study year, but gaining experience in your field of specialization is key. Arguably, the idea of putting all your tentacles in getting certified in your desired course of study worked years back. In recent time, you need job experience too to be able to prove your worth and your certificate. Hence, the idea of internship comes to play here, which will avail you the opportunity to get first-hand experience in whatever field of specialization you have interest. In the course of finding a place to do your internship, the basic thing to do is to find any industry or company that is related to your course of study in school, get enrolled and learn all the ropes in that field. By so doing, you’d gain more experience that will give you an edge in your profession.

3. The Hustlers 

As an undergraduate who is willing to become self-reliant, there is no better time to start a small business than now. The strike period is the perfect period to go out there, launch out that business idea you’ve been nursing. There is nothing as sweet as being financially independent as an undergraduate. In all fairness, there is nothing as small business; you can only start small within your locality, while aiming for the big market. It is important to carry out a market research and survey in the type of business you are going into before you actually start.

4. The Student Bloggers

The student bloggers, school has been a big distraction. You hardly focus on your blog while school is in session (unless you want some Fs). We always pray for holidays to come; and now something bigger than holidays is here.
Are you a student blogger take advantage of this strike and write as many posts as possible and drive as many traffic as you can.

5. Those With Withheld WAEC Results

These persons are somehow in the same shoes with the guys using Neco awaiting results. However, they are more uncertain than them
The west African examination council promised to released withheld results soon. If you are sure that no malpractice was recorded in your centre then there is every probability that your results will be out soon. If the strike persists then better for your admission screening.

6. Those With Less Time To Study

School even distracts you from some academic activities. For serious academic development, you need to go beyond what you are being taught in school.
This is time to do that. If you have courses to cover, then quickly do that now. Remember, it is not what you score in class that matters but what you finally score in life

7. Those Who Are Tired Of School

There are so many students tired of school  for one or two reasons, they are just tired of school and need some time to think about their life. If the reason you are tired of school is to discover and maximise your potential, review your life, think about how to be a better student, or up to something good, then ASUU strike is the best time.

So in general make good use of your time


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