Kemi Olunloyo Succumbs To Hushpuppi’s Order, Cries, Apologises To Linda Ikeji- Video


I never Imagine that she would, But she just did! Controversial Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has succumb to Hushpuppi order that she Should Apologize to Linda Ikeji for all her Derogatory words before he can think of giving her 100k, Now i’ve been following her up to get her reply, and she just did.

She’s currently live on her Youtube Channel Making a video, She first started up with the Incident that happened in Paris Recently where a Malian Migrant Rescued a Boy dangling from a 4 storey building, she went on to how bloggers really needs to do their job, before she proceeded in tears saying:
‘I never got married before having my kids, and it hurts me so bad, but i told my kids thats the way it is, i want the best for Linda, I dont want what happened to me to happened to Linda, So Am Sorry about what i said to Linda Ikeji, But she hurt me too’..

To Prove that her words are genuie, Kemi says having made peace with Linda she has decided to end her Jourlism Career, and retire honorably, In the end she thanked Hushpuppi for been a peace Advocate.

Watch video below>>>



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