Jesus faked his own death for more followers – Journalist Taylor Lorenz


Jesus death, fake says Journalist Taylor Lorenz

– An international journalist, Taylor Lorenz, has caused quite a stir on social media

– Taylor shared a tweet accusing Jesus of faking his own death just to get more followers

Controversies are needed sometimes and frankly, it helps people critically analyse certain situations and engage in debates. The result is a forward thinking generation, asking questions and finding answers to some of the mysteries of life.

However, an international journalist, Taylor Lorenz, has sparked outrage and a heated debate on Twitter with her theory about Jesus’ death. According to her, the son of God who according to the bible, died and resurrected, faked his own death because he wanted more followers.

Based on her theory, the entire gospel which is built on the resurrection of Jesus is false and just dramatic move by the holy messenger just to gain followers.

It all started when Pope Francis shared a tweet about Mary on his verified account, stating that the mother of Jesus was very influential even in the absence of social media. He tagged her the ‘influencer of God’. In response to the tweet, Taylor submitted that Jesus did quite the opposite by faking his own death just to gain more followers.



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